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Let's Start Talking About Menstrual Health Outside of "Pregnancy"!

Have you ever noticed that menstrual cycle and women’s health is mostly discussed in the context of pregnancy, but outside of that no one seems to care?

“Heavy periods? Take a pill. PMS? That's normal, everyone has it. Too much pain? No problem. Take a pill. Feeling depressed before periods? Everyone does. Breast pain? Oh, stop being such a wussy. PCOS? Take a pill. Trying to get pregnant now? Okay, let's get you off the pill and boost you with fertility meds.”

⁠These are some common responses many of my clients heard prior to making their way to me. Sound familiar? If so, please know YOU ARE NOT ALONE!

In fact, a recent study showed a large number of women feel dismissed and even mocked when trying to address period-related concerns, and almost always hormonal contraception is offered as the only possible solution.

Except that it is not a solution at all! Most of the time it is a handy band-aid at best. Unless of course you want to get pregnant. Then suddenly you get way more attention...


I don’t know. Perhaps because menstruation was stigmatized for so long. Perhaps because woman’s health and periods in particular is such an under-researched area that health care providers feel powerless with such a hopeless situation. Perhaps because doctors were never taught the importance of period health. And let’s be frank, many of them don’t have periods themselves.

The great news is there seems to be more practitioners who realize that we missed the main point! In fact, just a few years ago, the American College of Obstetrics and Gynecology proposed using menstruation as an additional vital sign along with blood pressure, body temperature, etc. It was not officially accepted, but even the proposal itself seems to be a huge step in the right direction.

I firmly believe that,

Let's Start Talking About Menstrual Health Outside of "Pregnancy"!

And I always tell my clients - healthy ovulation matters regardless of pregnancy plans! More than that, ovulation is key to your whole health. No ovulation, no progesterone. No progesterone, and suddenly you have a wagonload of potential symptoms and health problems.

Because period complications are just the tip of the iceberg, we need to dig deeper to find the problem first and only then seek the solution.

And that is why I am here! My whole mission is to show the beauty and magic of our cycles and share with your countless different and natural ways to reconnect with your body, discover important clues it gives you, understand what they mean and start healing from within...

Want to know more? Here are a few ideas:

  • For weekly period health and menstrual cycle food tips: connect with me on Instagram

  • To address your mental health and wellness try the Busy Woman’s Mini-Guide here

  • To reconnect with your body, tune in with your cycle and explore diet for menstrual cycle enroll in my Menstrual Health Course here

P.S. As promised on my social, here is the link to a delicious menstrual cycle food recipe to support your hormone health and better periods!

Detox Soup
Download PDF • 112KB

As always, love you all and til next!

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