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Happy Mindfulness Day! or how does stress affect your period?

I found out about this emerging celebration just a few years ago and can even say almost accidentally...While the concept of mindfulness is becoming more and more popular - this day is almost unknown...Too sad, I thought...

What a great opportunity it would be to spread the word on how we can gift ourselves with some easy (or!) ways to unite mental health and menstrual cycle to relieve stress, address hormonal imbalance, improve and naturally reduce PMS symptoms and nurture a healthy menstrual cycle!

Just as with menstrual health, scientists are just beginning to unravel the secrets and powerful benefits of mindfulness, an amazing practice, once upon a time commonplace, but nowadays almost lost...

Mindful eating for menstrual health

As a women's nutritionist, I especially love the concept of mindful eating. Something so simple, yet incredibly difficult to achieve in the modern world!

Too many tasks, expectations and distractions...and with multitasking being a highly praised quality for a modern woman, is it even possible to be "mindful"? Is it possible to be fully present in the moment and immerse yourself in the experience? Is there room for mindfulness in our busy lives?


I know there is...!

I've done it...I've seen my very busy 24/7 female clients do it...And you can do it too! You just have to plan for it...

No, seriously! Open your calendar and schedule 3, 5, 10 minutes, whatever you have, just for yourself...have your lunch then. Not in front of the laptop like I did for years, checking last minute e-mails, because in a few minutes there will be another dozen of them. Not screen time, but instead looking out the window, or better still at your food. Taste it, think about it, appreciate it...that's the ultimate goal of mindful eating that you are trying to reach.

"Why bother?" some may ask. There are actually so many health benefits of mindful eating. And one of the most important ones - it is your path to a healthy menstrual cycle!

How stress affects menstrual cycle?

Stress is one of the major contributors to painful periods, PMS, hormonal imbalance and other numerous period problems. And practicing mindfulness allows you to strip away layers and layers of stress all at once!