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Can alcohol cause PMS: gluten-free drinks review

Yes, too much alcohol is not the best thing for a healthy menstrual cycle. This is because alcohol can affect your period by interfering with an important hormone called progesterone, cause inflammation and put a lot of unnecessary pressure on your liver. And as I explain in my Period Health Course for busy women, liver is a vital organ for hormonal balance, estrogen clearance and more healthy menstrual cycle days. However, don't get discouraged! A small amount of good quality drink for a special occasion is perfectly acceptable!

My main 3 tips for hormone and period-safe holiday treats:

  • choose pure, high quality drinks (preferably gluten-free)

  • avoid mixing alcohol with sugary additives (natural and artificial). So don't mix it with juice or pop

  • stick to no more than 2 standard drinks at your party and no more than 5 standard drinks per week

Note: standard drink means 12 oz of beer, 5 oz of wine or 1.5 oz of distilled alcohol.

what is a standard drink size of alcohol for women poster

As many of my clients try to reduce their gluten intake to support their healthy menstrual cycle days an interesting question was raised on my Instagram:

Is there such thing as gluten-free alcohol?

The short answer is, "Absolutely! In fact there are many gluten-free drinks!" And since Christmas holidays are rapidly approaching too, I thought this is just a perfect time to chat about some of our favourite drinks and do a quick gluten-free drinks review.


⁠GLUTEN-FREE BEER (assuming pure beers without additives and/or cross contamination)