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Cruciferous vegetables: key to women’s health or thyroid killers?

Cruciferous Vegetables for Women's Health

In my BEEautiful U Formula Course for busy women, I encourage a focus on cruciferous vegetables, particularly in the second half of the Follicular Phase (the time after your period but before ovulation) as one of the natural ways to regulate your menstrual cycle.

This is because cruciferous vegetables are rich in certain compounds (such as Indole-3-Carbinol (I3C and its byproduct DIM), which helps a woman’s body to clear excess estrogen, maintain healthy estrogen detox in the liver, and as a result, improve PMS symptoms and support hormone balance.

What are cruciferous vegetables?

The list is actually quite extensive, so I am sure anyone can find something to their liking! It includes foods such as:

· Arugula

· Broccoli

· Bok Choy

· Brussel sprouts

· Cabbage

· Chinese cabbage

· Cauliflower

· Collard Greens

· Horseradish

· Kale

· Kohlrabi

· Radish

· Turnip

· Watercress

· Wasabi