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Chocolate and sugary period cravings

Does your period make you hungry for chocolate and other sweets? Yes, it can do that! In fact, many women have an intense need to eat chocolate and other sugary sweets in the days leading up to their periods...Why?

Let's look at some common reasons for chocolate and sugary period cravings:

  • your body is trying to get more magnesium (this is particularly true for those of you who crave chocolate)

  • you may have more insulin resistance around this time, so it is harder for your body to deal with sugars. This in turn makes you to crave sweets throughout the day as your body is trying to boost its energy levels. If this is you, definitely check out my new recipe e-book to help you to naturally address it here or watch my free masterclass on Cycle Syncing Library page.

e-book recipes cycle syncing desserts for each phase of menstrual cycle diet plan

  • your estrogen levels dropped and dragged your serotonin down. To boost mood, your body is now looking for extra sugars

What can you do to address your sweet period cravings:

  • if chocolate cravings is your main concern, chances are your body is desperately looking for more magnesium. If you want to know how magnesium can help you to combat hormonal imbalance and naturally reduce PMS symptoms, read my blog post Pumpkin Seed Magic for Better Periods here . But in terms of period cravings, try to choose more magnesium-rich foods, such as pumpkin seeds, nuts and dark leafy vegetables, before your period!

  • to address the temporary increase in insulin resistance, help your body to deal with sugars better and boost your serotonin, you actually don't need (and don't want!) to quit all sugars around this time. You just need to find the right kind of sugars! With my recipe e-book "Sweet cycle" you can explore how your blood sugars change throughout your Menstrual Cycle and what you can do to support your period health and wellness without giving up delicious sweets.

  • and of course, be mindful of your stress levels. Chronic stress will cause more insulin resistance, which will result in even more period cravings! So de-stressing is a must! if you looking for some great cycle syncing de-stress ideas, download my FREE guide for busy women here

free cycle syncing destress guide for busy women to promote  menstrual health awareness by Energy Reboot Nutritionist

And of course, don't forget to enjoy some delicious good quality dark moderation! :)

Love you all and til next!

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