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Are cranberries good for your period? Your Holiday Special

Cranberries are definitely good for your period and are one of the top “superfoods” on any diet for menstrual cycle!

delicious cranberries to be prepared as a menstrual cycle food

What are 3 health benefits of consuming cranberries for women?

First, cranberries are amazingly rich in phytochemicals, particularly anthocyanosides, which help you to build stronger blood vessels and improve your circulation, including the flow to your pelvic area and reproductive organs. And this is a VERY important point in the context of a healthy menstrual cycle!

Second, cranberries are one of the richest sources of beta-carotenes, luteins and ferulic acid, all of which are powerful anti-inflammatory compounds which help to protect your body from harmful molecules. Without them, these molecules would be able to freely go around your body and cause a variety of damage, including hormonal imbalance, PMS, many period problems and…accelerated aging.

For example, beta-carotene particularly seems to be able to protect the health and “wellbeing” of your reproductive cells, helping you to have a much better second half of your menstrual cycle.

And ferulic acid is not only a wonderful addition to your period nutrition diet for menstrual cycle, but it also happens to be a rejuvenating, “skin-loving” antioxidant that helps you to improve fine lines, wrinkles, blemishes and overall skin glow!

Last but not least, cranberries as a true menstrual cycle food also include iron, folate, magnesium, potassium, selenium and zinc! All of these are top “nature goodies” for women to naturally reduce PMS symptoms, fix a variety of period problems and have a healthy menstrual cycle!

How do you prepare cranberries to eat?

There are actually so many different ways and ideas to prepare cranberries as part of your diet for menstrual cycle, so get ready to unleash your imagination!

Cranberry pie, cranberry smoothie, cranberry orange morning oats, chicken or turkey breasts stuffed with cranberry goat cheese, and of course the traditional cranberry sauce are all fantastic additions to your period nutrition holiday kitchen! (check my recipe below)

What is the healthiest way to eat cranberries?

If you are planning to use cranberries as a menstrual cycle food for healing purposes, you want to opt for fresh or frozen, unheated and unsweetened (or lightly sweetened) berries.

However, if you are adding cranberries to your menu for an extra health boost and general menstrual cycle benefits, using dried cranberries or berries that were heated (such as in the sauce) are totally fine! Some nutrients will be “not as active” after heating, but cranberries are sooooo powerful that even after cooking you will have A LOT to benefit from!

Is it healthy to eat jellied cranberry sauce from a can?

My advice is try to avoid canned cranberry sauces (if possible) and make your own instead.

Canned cranberry sauces will often have added high fructose corn syrup (not something a woman’s body appreciates) and may also contain toxic BPA chemicals (in the epoxy-resin lining of the lid) that are shown to disrupt our hormonal health and increase the risk of hormonal imbalance and period problems.

If you’ve never cooked cranberry sauce before – it is very, very easy and will only take a few minutes of your time! Simply simmer whole cranberries in a saucepan with a mixture of sugar and water (pro tip: add orange zest for more nutrition benefits and an ama-a-a-a-zing kick of extra flavour) until it thickens. Then cool the sauce. It will thicken more as it cools, and then voila!...your cranberry sauce is ready!

Don’t forget to check out my favourite cranberry sauce recipe link below for extra menstrual cycle food inspiration. RECIPE:

Download PDF • 139KB

Happy Holidays to all my amazing family, friends, clients, and followers! May your holiday season be filled with laughter and warmth and ⁠wishing everyone more symptom-free, smooth, painless and magical menstrual cycles!

⁠⁠Love you all and til next!

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