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ARE YOU TIRED OF  painful periods, mood swings, breast pain, sleepless nights, bloating, fatigue and weird food cravings?

Are you finding it difficult to love your body or say even a couple of good words about your hormones involved in Menstrual Cycle?

I've been there too!


And what I discovered is that the secret to a healthy menstrual cycle

IS NOT in prescriptions, or countless supplements or how many birthdays are behind you (which is what I used to tell myself, in a desperate attempt to explain what was happening).


The secret is in knowing how your body works, understanding what it is trying to tell you and strategically using your body's inner resources to balance, heal and flourish.


 Our bodies have superpowers! And you ARE strong, beautiful and magical, so I know... 

You got this!

Women's Menstrual Health | Menstrual Health and Nutrition
Alena Frankish | Menstrual Health Coach

Hi, I'm Alena!

And I am here to help you to reclaim your health and vibrancy, reconnect with your body and to share with you natural and powerful path to self-love and healing.


Having experienced and trained in both western medicine and holistic traditional ways of healing, I see my calling is to be a

bridge between two worlds. 


I use my science-based background to explore ancient and traditional practices women have used for centuries and blend them with contemporary western medical strategies to make a practical, safe and joyful "infusion".

Join me in discovering how you can naturally balance your hormones through menstrual cycle to achieve hormone harmony, have smoother healthier periods and restore your overall health without medications or expensive supplements.

Women's Menstrual Care | Energy Reboot Nutritionist
Menstrual Health Course | Menstrual Health Care


Our bodies are naturally programmed to go through a complete cycle every month (that includes all the hormonal changes and fluctuations that are needed for this to happen)⁠⁠. 


 We have lost fundamental knowledge about our cycle, the different phases we go through (or ideally need to go through), how does diet affect menstrual cycle and the internal rhythms of our body⁠. 


Modern lifestyle and environment are promoting constant disruption of these important inner rhythms, which further contributes to a variety of hormonal imbalances, period problems, chronic pain and exhaustion.⁠ ⁠ 


 That's why cycle syncing (or aligning nutrition and lifestyle with your cycle) allows you to reestablish that precious connection with your body, better understand what it is telling you, get to the root cause of your health problems and heal yourself from within!


 Ready for a journey to a healthier, vibrant, youthful and empowered YOU?​

Let's go together!


Hi! I'm Alena Frankish: Menstrual Health Coach, cycle syncing nutritionist, period advocate, owner of Energy Reboot Nutritionist and creator of BEEautiful U Formula, a comprehensive online
Menstrual Health Course for busy women.

Painful Periods Treatment | Menstrual Cycle Nutritionist
- Ntozake Shange
Women's Nutrition Course | Nutrition for Menstruation
Healthy Diet for Periods | Menstrual Cycle Meals


It took me surprisingly long to learn to embrace and balance these two seemingly very different approaches to woman's health, wellness and natural menstrual cycle. But once I mastered it, I can't stop being amazed of the healing power this synergy can offer!

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