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Menstrual Health Coach | Women's Health Nutritionist

Align with your Cycle
Balance your Hormones
Unlock your Feminine
Heal from Within

And I am here to help you to reclaim your health and vibrancy, reconnect with your body and to share with you natural and powerful path to self-love and healing.

Menstrual Cycle.

Healthy You.

Move from pain, frustration and stress to healing, creativity and a joyful daily life

Menstrual Cycle Food | Healthy Menstrual Cycle
Menstrual Cycle Food | Menstrual Cycle Diet Plan

Explore Period Health Nutrition and menstrual cycle food with my monthly BEEautiful U Blog


Explore how your blood sugars change throughout your Menstrual Cycle and what you can do to support your period health and wellness and hormone harmony without giving up delicious sweets!

Menstrual Health Course | Healing Crystals for Health
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